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Sep 8, 2003
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I am not an NT expert but I have an NT Dell Workstation at work that gave me some problem. This NT workstation came configured with a maximum C partition of 2GB and an E partition of 68 GB. The C partition was formatted as FAT and it was running out of space and consequently NT started to operate very slowly (only 500MB left). I decided to use Partition Magic to convert the C drive to NTFS and then expand the C drive. I did and it took some time but at the end of the day it looked like I was able to put 18 extra GB in the C drive. For a few days everything worked fine until one morning, I turn on the PC and find that after the Dell logo, I only get a "black" screen with the cursor blinking. The PC never booted from the HD. I was at my wits ends because I had not installed anything on this PC (or done something else), the day before. After inspecting the setup, and changing the boot sequence, I decided that maybe the HD had crashed. I took the HD to another PC and installed as the slave. To my surprised I was able to see everything on the HD that I had installed as the slave. This meant that the HD was not damaged and most important all the data was there. Next I connected the HD as the master, on the other pc, but nothing was resolved. Same problem as before. I started looking in the microsoft website for this type of behavior and I did not find anything. I did a search on google and was able to find someone with a similar problem.

Solution: I installed Partition Magic on another computer and installed the HD as the slave. I decreased the size of the 20G partition to 4G. I put the HD back to the original computer and everything worked!!!

From what I read, after expanding the size of the HD, I should have installed nt again so it could keep the boot sector intact or I could not go beyond 4GB in the NTFS partition (C drive).

This is the first time, I found this and I wanted to share with you. Just in case you run into this.


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Sep 8, 2003
NT4 Workstation could not handle more than 4GB partitions before Service Pack 3.
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