Nuremburg on Discovery HD


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Nov 30, 2003
I am watching this now, it looks like an excellent movie, however I am getting a lot of jerky video, kinda like old keystone cops. My sat signal is 52, and power is 70, so its not really bad signal. Can anyone else verify the same problem? Picture quality is excellent, just the video is real jerky
Sorry, JaydeeD I did not see your post until now. One of my computer was acting up and one of my 6000u was having problems tonight. I just turned to the Big Cat Magic show now and it looks fine. I was getting something similar a few days ago. Oop I just got one drop but everything else looks fine.
I just some of that Jerky video in the openning scene. It looks like the scene is happening frame by frame. Is that what you saw? It has been good after that scene. O here it comes again. Yes. It looks like is in the movie itself.
It looks like this happening only on VOOM. I am watching it in E* and it looks fine. I have done a comparison with both and it looks like VOOM is where the problem is.