Nvidia Pro Shield Audio Out Question


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Aug 25, 2017
Pekin, IL
To avoid hijacking the Roku/Firestick thread, I don't think I really paid attention with my Firestick, I'll have to dig it out and check, is Audio Output. The apps I stream with, we don't talk about here, BUT, those and YouTube show PCM on my Sound Bar (/Polk Magnifi-Max Sr. connected via HDMI Arc) indicator. Prime is 5.1 Dolby Digitial. So, playing around, my Plex is PCM - which I hadn't really used yet. All my settings are set correct, AFAIK.

So I searched nVidia Pro Sheild YouTube not 5.1 and found a lot of people posting about it and that YT just doesn't output 5.1. One post said it does on his LG OLED so I went to the YT App on my LG and boom! 5.1, not to mention, the picture when I did a search for 4K was breathtaking! Much better than the app on the Sheild. Also, Plex and Amazon Music (Also PCM on the Shield) were in 5.1 DD.

Now, am I doing something wrong with the Shield or did I drop $200.00 on something that's not living up to expectations