Oath is taking over mining things in Yahoo email which includes Frontier email by Yahoo now all owne

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    Oath is taking over mining things in Yahoo email which includes Frontier email by Yahoo now all owned by Verizon.

    A. What solutions might be advised?

    B. If this is in the wrong place, move it

    C. I use email for what some might call small type business applications, which I consider personal and private (to preview contracts, insurance, and etc).

    D. I won’t use internet for banking because of privacy issues, Oath says they will mine majority of email and are asking for me to approve the privacy agreement which I do not agree with.

    E. https://www.komando.com/happening-now/455054/yahoo-aol-and-oaths-new-massive-email-privacy-policy-changes-you-need-to-know-about

    Yahoo, AOL, and Oath's new massive email privacy policy changes you need to know about
    F. May 25, 2018 will be when they will shut down both my accounts unless I agree to Oath policy. (Frontier and Yahoo)

    G. https://www.komando.com/cool-sites/328652/free-encrypted-email-for-ultimate-privacy This is for protonmail information, my understanding is it is free and mail does not necessarily have to be encrypted.

    H. For more on Oath’s Privacy police https://policies.oath.com/us/en/oath/privacy/products/communications/faq/index.html

    I. I have an old Juno account that I haven't used in years, didn’t have it loaded to present computer using windows computer. The first thing prontonmail ask for is an alternative email address in case I cannot get in. Juno appears to be heavily mining emails. There even threatening to use your unused computer to make a super computer, if you have their internet service.

    J. Thoughts?

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