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Dec 31, 2003
Does anyone have any early info on what fixes might be involved with the software upgrade that is scheduled for Oct 6th?
Where did you hear about an upgrade, and what model are you talking about anyway?
I spoke to an E* engineer in Virginia and he told me they have a software update for the 622 and some other receivers scheduled for Oct 6th. That date could change, but the 6th is the day they are shooting for. Yesterday, a friend who works in Tech Svcs confirmed the Oct 6th date as being listed in their computers for an upgrade. He said there is no additional info about the upgrades.
Speculation only but since this is weeks away I am guessing it is a revision to DVRs that avoids issue with the TIVO patents.
Doubt it has anything to do with the TIVO issue. More likely it is part of their normal software update pattern.
I understand your sarcasim, however, they do have a normal pattern for adding features.

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