October changes for Shawdirect


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Jul 9, 2012

September 13, 2018 MPEG-4 Transition Plan Phase 2 Steps 8 to 10

This is a reminder that the following changes will take place in October 2018 during Steps 8 to 10 of Phase 2 in the Transition to MPEG-4.

CPAC HD will launch on F2 T2, BBC Canada HDwill launch on F2 T5, Independent Film HD will launch on F2 T 11, and TSC HD will launch on F2 T20. All signals will launch in MPEG -4 on October 16,2018.

World Fishing Network HD, Dejaview HD, GSN HD, WSBK HD, KTLA HD, PBS Spokane HD, Documentary HD, PBS Buffalo HD, and Miracle HD will launch in MPEG-4 on F2 T18 on October 16, 2018.

ONE HD, Investigation Discovery HD, Nickelodeon HD, AMI TV HD, Disney Jr. HD, MTV 2 SD, Makeful HD, Vision HD and Vintage SD will launch in MPEG-4 on F2 T2 on October 16, 2018

John W. Henderson

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Aug 27, 2018
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I have a Shaw system. The technology is good but the programming is junk. It's not Shaw's fault, it's the CRTC and the force-feeding of Canadian channels that do nothing but buy American programming, instead of producing their own. By doing so, they lock out U.S. competition. Maybe the American negotiators, for the new NAFTA, should have something to say about this.

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