Oculus Rift Pre-Orders Now Open, First Shipments March 28

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  1. Thanks to your OR you can now experience games like this (NSFW Language)

  3. Can't wait
  4. Yeah there will definitely be a sales spike, assuming of course the courts don't grant Zenimax that motion to block all OR sales.

    Still too much for me though. Until that gets under $500 I won't consider it, especially given the lack of a killer app, other than SuperHot anyways.
  5. I'm sure there were some legal wranglings behind the scenes that delayed it, and they probably also wanted to wait until the Zenimax lawsuit blew over before doing anything.
  6. Batman: Arkham VR is coming to PC.

  7. I'm all but convinced that the eventual goal is to have VR be capable of doing what Aerosmith did in their "Amazing" video back in 1994.

  8. I dont think my son has used his Rift since he got it on Christmas. :(
  9. Well if you're looking to unload it.. I'm local. ;-)
  10. In case you thought the Zenimax/Oculus thing was over, it's not.

    Now Zenimax is demanding that Oculus either rewrite their code or pay 20% royalty fees for using their code, or else have their sales blocked. Alternatively, if Oculus were to remove ALL Zenimax code and rewrite from scratch, that would satisfy Zenimax's demands but would likely be more trouble than what it's worth.

    Oculus is countering that Zenimax is basically making a mountain out of a molehill and that they were not harmed at all by Oculus when they allegedly used their code. Their main point being that Zenimax can't just scream for compensation when no actual harm was done, nor could they rightfully make a valid claim to a monetary amount.

    The judge is strongly advising that both parties reach an agreement because they don't want to have to pass a verdict that does significant harm to either company, although I don't really see how anything that rules against Zenimax would be very harmful. It's not like they will live or die by this lawsuit, unless a jury decides to side with John Carmack in his lawsuit and he gets billions of dollars in restitution.

    Personally I'd love to see the judge side with Zenimax but then Zenimax get a "damages" check a'la what the USFL got back in 1990 when they sued the NFL.

    United States Football League - Wikipedia

    ZeniMax to judge: Block Oculus sales or give us 20%