Odd 811 Behavior with Dish 1000


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Jul 16, 2004
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Just noticed that the 129 sat no longer appears in the point dish or check switch summary, BUT I can still tune the 10 Voom channels normally, and guide info for those channels appears as it should. I haven't check this in a couple months, but 129 used to be displayed like it should be. 110 and 119 are displayed properly. What gives?
You could clear the switch matrix and see if that helps.

Disconnect the satellite feed in the back of the receiver.
Run check switch
Connect the satellite feed
Run check switch again.

That should bring it back. If it doesn't, check your connections for 129.
retiredTech said:
time to do a "fresh" switch check (make sure you select proper dish option)
The key to this anomaly is that, while the test menus show that 129 is not present, the box tunes correctly to the 10 Voom channels, which of course are on 129. As long as I can watch the Voom channels, I'm not going to worry about why 129 doesn't appear in the test menus.
I had almost the same problem. I lost the 110 and 129 sats. Could receive only 119 and the OTA locals. Did: cold boot, check switch, disconnected cable to 811 and reconnected, swapped the cables with my 921 (both coming off a Dish 1000) no solution. My 921 continued to work fine. 811 would not pick up 110, or 129.

Technician came out and did all of the above. Nothing. Then changed some fittings on the LNB. Checkswitch. Showed 110/119. No 129! However, the VOOM channels from 129 showed and played even though my 811 does not indicate the reception of the 129 sat. Go figure? At least the receiver works now.

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