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Nov 3, 2015
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In the past month,
I have missed programs I added to my timers. I would highlight a movie or show, only to find it was deleted in the timers or a message with Xed out saying" The program was deleted by the user".Anyone else having this issue? I have never had it happened in the past. I read Dish is getting the guide from another company. Unless I re-check all of my timers lately, I lose shows/movies. I lost out on 2 TCM movies last week. I almost lost another, but I caught the change the guide timer, and switched it back. So I now check it daily. This is not fun. I have a 211k with an outboard HDD. Any suggestions?


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Sep 8, 2003
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What is happening is the same as with others. I ended up deleting then making new timers for many shows about three weeks ago. I still check the more important shows to be sure they will record and recently everything seems to be working correctly.

I DO notice however sometimes descriptions for the show and whether new or not does not show up till a day or two before more often than in the past. So what looks like it won't record does by the time that day comes.
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