Odd Sat 119 signal 'loss'- help!!


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Apr 30, 2004
I have a Dish 500 (dual LNB) with 2 receivers. The past 2 days, the signal from 119 has been lost and a switch test says the 'even' input from the 119 sat is not working. Okay, here's the odd part: if I switch on receiver1 and receiver2 to a sat 119 channel simultaneously, then I get a signal (switch test passes). If I switch any one receiver off or change to a sat 110 channel, I lose the sat 119 signal on the other receiver. The two receivers don't have to be on the same channel, just both on a sat 119 signal to work. Help? Is this a SW21 switch problem? If so, how does one switch affect the other? The connections are all separate for the 2 receivers.
Any ideas would help.
With legecy equipment the loss of the even transponders is almost always due to a connection or cable problem - frequently caused by moisture getting in to the cable.

I recommend that you inspect and or replace all the fittings on the SW-21s, particularly if they are exposed to the elements. There should be "drip loops" in the cables between the dish & the switches and the switches should be mounted horizontally to prevent moisture wicking down into the connection. Pull the LNBFs out of the Y-bracket & check the connections on them, too.

If any of the connectors are loose or corroded be sure to cut off at least 12"" of cable before replacing them.

If none of this helps, try replacing the SW-21s one by one.

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