Oddest OTA results I've ever seen


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Jun 12, 2006
Rainsalot Florida
Ok, let me back feed a little before I explain this oddity.

I purchased my first HD tv, with a tuner built in. So I went out and picked up an antenna, it wasn't much more than a first try. Eventually I dived in deep and got the biggest antenna I could stuff into my attic.

Everything worked great and when I got the second tv, I split the signal into two locations without any problems. Signal was perfect. I was getting 99's on numerous stations.

So I add dishnetwork into the mix. The two OTA lines are now attached to the dish boxes. Time has passed, nothing much has changed. I started getting into the MythTV setup. So I try connecting the Myth box to the tuner card I have.

Now for the life of me I could not get this thing to find a signal. It took a while to figure out I had the hardware setup incorrectly. Got that fixed, but still no signal no matter what I try.

I'm a bit frustrated, so I attach it to the TV how I use to have. Still no signal, now I'm seriously purplexed. So now I keep mucking and the two Dish boxes are still attached, just without the OTA antenna, its just the two of them on a splitter. I switch to the dish box and oddly I have signal. Good signal too, like 70-80's. I'm so lost now. I figure what the heck so I attach the third one to the splitter and IT starts getting signal.

I'm guessing durring one of the cold spells down here something happened to the cable or the 300 ohm piece that attaches the cable to the antenna. I don't have any spare parts to test that theory, but it doesn't matter I have signal without an antenna?!

Has anyone had something this odd happen to them? Can anyone even explain whats happening?

Recommendation for an in-line amp?

antenna help

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