Odds on HD


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Dec 16, 2003
What are the odds that after the D* announcement that Dish will add HD content now? I still say slim to none.
Bout the same as them upgrading one of my receivers to HD for free in return for a year commitment and higher monthly charges...
Dish will probably add any new channels that DIRECTV announces. Dish just has enough to worry about adding all the LIL that it can right now, they will hold out as long as they can because they know DIRECTV cannot do anything until D-7S goes up and they move all the LIL to the spots... Dish probably figures it will be June before DIRECTV has capacity for HDTV.
E* has also made the same claims D* has. Last charlie chat in Jan, he said to look for about "half a dozen" new additions in the next six months or so. All im seeing are threads and comments on how D* made its claim for more HD- and how E* "probably wont follow suit". Jeez-- NEITHER ONE has done A THING yet!! How bout wait and see guys?

And I love the comment that proves it by B Switzer-- who flat out says how unfair it is that they made him commit to a year and a $1/month price increase in return for a $400 reciever at no charge. Wow- you poor poor man. How rough your life is.
My fault...I may have misled everyone. I haven't committed to HD. Can't commit that kind of cash for a format that is may be antiquated before I get, what I believe, is benefit enough to justify it. The same goes for the reason I didn't by a built in HD tuner in my TV. I couldn't get the salesman to guarantee me that it would even be a viable tuner a few years from now.

Ohh...who the H*!! am I kidding...I don't have HD in any form because my wife won't let me!!! Evidently I've spent too much money in the last year finishing the basement (with webar) and widescreen purchase. Since my allowance has been slowed to a small trickle, I'm being forced under threat of physical harm to decide between having Gregg L (Lion AV) calibrate my TV and keeping my tickets to Talladega next month...
lets hope soon ...

I'm starving for more HD content ... lets hope soon :p

Lets just hope its not 5 Tennis 24/7 HD channels :rolleyes:
I think something is in the works

It would be foolish of E* not to match the gauntlet just thrown by D*. I have a feeling thay've known about this and have made plans to counter D*'s action. A new bird is going up to 105 soon, which will add possibilities. Don't count them out yet.
gpflepsen...You gotta pick your battles in married life. Pick 'em right and you don't have as many wounds to lick, if any, when the dust settles...

If D* follows through, the competition in the market can only be good for everyone no matter what company or format you have. Let's see if E* picks this battle...
It's not D* that's the competition - it's cable. My neighbor is happily watching everything we have + Starz, Cinemax, and locals (ok, he doesn't have Discovery, but I can only handle the Penguin show for around 30 secs). He's paying around $5/month for his box.

I not expecting Sat to ever get the locals, but Starz and Cinemax are premium channels that should be picked up quickly. We're really losing ground here.

When Charlie decided not to use Superdish for HD I sure hope he had something else in mind (use the wings if necessary).