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Dec 16, 2003
For you tech experts. I need your help.

I have a 811 plus 61.5 dish to be installed today. Problem is I already have a SuperDish with locals on 105. This gives four LNB inputs. I currently have a DP-34 switch. Since the DP-44 is not available, I am trying to find a work around in time for the Super Bowl- I need 61.5 for CBS-HD.

Upon checking wiring diagrams in the back of my 510 manual, I found examples of using 2 way splitters going into DP-21 switches.

My question: Can 2 way splitters be used with DP-34 multiswitches?

If so I could use another DP-34 switch. On my 510 I would have sats. 105 [locals] 110 and 119. On my 811, I would have sats 61.5, 110 and 119. Will this work?

I know the ultimate answer is a D-44 whenever it comes out but is the above a good work-around?

Rick :rolleyes:

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