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Sep 20, 2005
I'll be happy to "seriously" tell you why I think this thread should be closed.
This thread is about the channels that have been taken down by Fox and everyones opportunity to complain, argue, discuss, whine, cheer about the fact that they are gone. THEY AREN'T GONE ANYMORE! The deal has been made, the channels are back and there is no more dispute going on (title of this thread: OFFICIAL DISH/FOX DISPUTE DISCUSSION THREAD). There is no reason to continue with a thread about the dispute when the dispute is no longer and a new thread has been started (which Scott and other mods having commented in multiple times) and that is where the discussion should continue in my opinion. About the deal being done. With multiple threads open, some will post here and some will post there.
Happy? :rolleyes:
Time for the Hallelujah Chorus!! Rev Slam, you da man!!!


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Feb 4, 2007
Lancaster, NY
I got FX back. Last I checked the MSG channel was still playing the same reel to reel loop anti MSG promo they have been. Mean while here in The Buffalo area Were missing yet another Sabres Game :( The Alt sports channels the game would usually be on nothing there. Every game would be on a different channel which is like looking for a needle in a hay stack. ;)


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Mar 2, 2005
Sorry this is off-topic from the bickering about whether or not this thread should be closed and why... but can anyone tell me how to manually update my program guide information? I'm glad the Fox channels are back, but I can't see what's on tomorrow and what is and isn't blacked out with accuracy until I get some updated information. Isn't there an option to download the latest program guide info? I noticed that Dish's "Game Finder" still has outdated information too. It's football lineup does not include the previously removed channels in the list. But I'm interested in forcing my receivers, 722 & 922 to download the latest program guide information. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Jan 10, 2007
I am not saying I disagree with you. I was just wondering why it is such a big deal to you guys, even to the point of demanding.

Heck, if others want to still chime in, I don't care.

The thread will either die on its own or be closed. As long as we are discussing if it should or should not be closed, it just may be closed due to the fact that we drifting way off topic
Having said that perhaps the thread should now seek a decent burial


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Sep 1, 2005
Email I got today at 7:31pm today:


DISH Network is pleased to announce that we have reached an agreement with FOX and that your FX and National Geographic channels have been restored. You may have also had a FOX Regional Sports Network channel removed and this programming has been restored as well. The new agreement also ensures the continued carriage of all your FOX local channels.

We appreciate your patience during this time and regret the inconvenience this may have caused you. Starting now, you can enjoy a variety of great programming that will be offered as a free preview for a limited time:
Sony Movie Channel — Enjoy uncut, uninterrupted and remastered theatrical movies. Available on channels 386 (HD) and 387 (SD)
NBA League Pass — Catch the excitement of your favorite NBA basketball teams—right from your living room. Available on channels 560-572
For more detailed information, including dates in which these channels will run in Free Preview, please visit Free Satellite TV - Satellite Channel Previews on DISH Network or tune to Channel 102.

DISH Network thanks you for your loyalty and for standing by our side.


DISH Network

Glad its over.

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Oct 2, 2010
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It's been good having the discussion go on and on, but for the NYC/Buffalo sports fans, the light has only reached dim (at best). I'll be looking foward to reading your opinions about Dish's dispute with Cablevision over MSG. If I still had the multi-sports pack I would be furious about that, since MSG and Altitude were my favorite channels outside my own RSNs (NESN & CSN New England), and one would be gone. Also, I know that Altitude is separate from MSG and Cablevision. But still have a soft place in my heart for Hockey in Denver after seeing Ray Borque win the cup with the Avs. But that's all for a different thread.

Now, as for me, for short term I'm off to the tech discussions and I'll be scouting the comments on the DirecTV Forum about the pending G4 dispute. Speak to you all soon. Glad that the FOX viewers got their channels back.
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Feb 17, 2006
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Yay! And for those arguing about whether or not to close the thread.. welcome to America.. if you don't want to talk about it any more, then don't. those who wish to, can. Why must everyone bend to one person / group's will? And we wonder why there is so much war and conflict.. Live and let live.. If it interests you, make constructive contributions and discuss, otherwise, move on yourself and leave everyone else alone. Sheesh.


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Jan 28, 2005
Yay! And for those arguing about whether or not to close the thread.. welcome to America.. if you don't want to talk about it any more, then don't. those who wish to, can. Why must everyone bend to one person / group's will? And we wonder why there is so much war and conflict.. Live and let live.. If it interests you, make constructive contributions and discuss, otherwise, move on yourself and leave everyone else alone. Sheesh.
Umm, maybe because a whole new thread opened up about the deal being done, completed and the channels being back up and so that is the focus now instead of what was...oh nevermind :no


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Sep 25, 2007
It was soooo good to see FX back on tonight and to watch this week's "Sons of Anarchy".

Bad thing about that is, that I've missed three previous episodes thanks to this little issue. I'm wondering whether FX will reair those missed episodes of SOA, Sunny in Philadelphia, Terriers, The League and all those other shows here soon so we can catch up? In the past, FX has always held out reruns of SOA until mid-late summer prior to the season premiere. And FX has been quite slow in adding this season's eps on their website. (They only have the first three eps of SOA posted on their site and Hulu has the same on their site)


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Mar 21, 2009
The Beach.
You are missing out on a lot of great entertainment. Fox news is not a news channel, but it is one of the best entertainment channels out there
Murdoch and Ailes even admits that their station is not a "news" station. An those News Actors . . .


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Jul 30, 2007
Central KY
Apparently Ailes has given his actor/anchors (Shepherd, O'Reilly, Hannity, Greta, et al) instructions they must be factually accurate in their statements. This is commendable and a welcome change from some other channels purporting to portray the news. I also find them entertaining (though i am not a daily watcher), and I thought it was hilarious that FoxNews gave Juan a $2 million dollar contract after he was fired by NPR from his position as a "contributor." I've seen Juan many times on FoxNews segments, and he's far, far from being anything but a card carrying liberal though he hews closely to the Ailes line that a factual statement must be factually honest. I don't think I've watched HNN since the last election, they had some nice visuals on then if I recall correctly. I haven't watched MSNBC in 4 or 5 years, since whenever it was they fired Pat Buchhanan and cleared out all the other commentators who had a conservative or libertarian bent. I don't even need a hide button.

I noticed FX was back on this evening when I was doing some channel surfing and immediately checked the RSN's to see if they were back on, then headed on over to to confirm the action. Thanks Scott G., Digiblur and the rest of the staff for keeping on top of items such as this. Now if you could just help get us ESPNU in HD...

Thanks again,


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Dec 20, 2004
To me I'm glad the issue has been resolved, but at this point I think they are being greedy. I have been weening myself off live TV and more to Roku/Streaming so I can avoid these issues. Sure we all want our shows, and we get mad at Dish or Cablevision for being cheap, but it looks more and more liek the content providers are getting greedy. Woudl I be pissed if I lost Fox station, sure, but in a week or 2 I would find somehting else to replace it and then FOX becomes the loser becasue even if it were to return I may not. The Writers strike 2 years ago was what drove me away from being held hostage by current TV. I have learned to adapt and move on quickly, ther eis just way too much content avaiable to get hung on one. At some point the content providers will get the story when their "blackouts" backfire. Look at the writers strike or the baseball strike form a few years ago, the recovery period was long before things got back to pre-strike levels, people find alternatives and move on.


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Aug 10, 2006
I loved the lockout! Finally scored HD Platinum and Starz on Thursday. Got a bunch of free pay-per-view coupons and even got a credit (over the last few weeks.) We need more lockouts of channels I don't watch as this deal means my bill will be going up and I lost all my leverage for freebies...


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Sep 8, 2003
Ferndale, MI
I can not believe you just said that. The Ordeal is over. Slamminc is correct. Get rid of all the hate and BS in the other threads. Start a new day, Scott.

I find it absolutely hilarious that some want to pretend that this didn't happen. Even funnier, they want to decide for everyone what should happen to the thread - even over what the guy who owns and in-the-end runs the website.

I always remember this site leaving threads open until they died on their own. Only time something was closed was if it turned to vile, which hardly ever happens.

If you don't want to participate in the thread, THEN DON't!

It should remain open for obvious questions that will arise next - how much more will everyone be paying as a result of the settlement.

Always nice to have a record of what ACTUALLY happened as it happened for the next time a channel gets pulled - AND IT WILL.

There will always be another round coming up. Has happened before, will happen again. Having a record helps folks decide if they want to stay or leave. They can easily go back and see how quickly things get resolved. How much their bottom line was impacted.

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