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Aug 5, 2004
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I'm watching Comcast sports net Chicago HD on 429. The NIU mens basketball team was on and the game ended at 634pm tonight. On the same channel scheduled at 7pm is the blackhawks in HD. I was watching the end of the NIU game and then the switched over to the pregame in studio stuff in HD. But Dish abruptly pulled the plug on the channel. Why not leave it running for the half hour? The bandwidth is being used anyhow.

Also I have noticed more and more going on the HD RSN's. Why not just add them full time! Or do a rotation of full time HD rsn programming when there are no games on? I fully know from having directv that there is more HD programming on these RSN's than games. Get out of the stone age dish!

Why not spot beam the HDRSN full time until more national bandwidth becomes available, or the RSN becomes available full time nationally? At least that way people get to see the local RSN programming in HD.


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Jul 10, 2007
gooliebob99, they do the same thing with FSN Wisconsin HD. They started showing both the per and post shows for the Brewers and Bucks but then cut them off. But we here in Wisconsin only get FSN North (MN) 24/7, even though FSN Wisconsin has its own 24/7 channel.
I'm like you, can't they do something about it? But remember this is Dish Network:D


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