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Bob Haller

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Sep 11, 2003
pittsburgh pa
So who has been a E sub for the longest continious time?

I go back end of january 13 years. Having ditched TCI at that time and its constant were getting tv land in 2 years, for 5 years or some such. TCI cold sensitive noisey amp pushed me over the edge. they refused to send out a tech at nite, and denied my VCR recordings were their cable. they finally replaced the noisey amp a month later, after i cancelled I had them remove my cable service drop:)

I still remember the magic of sat tv, somehow I didnt believe it would work. and its top 36 or whatever package. the thrill of the original dishplayer, upgrading its hard drive, my wife was certain I would ruin it. the bugs of the dishplayer were unreal, but not as bad as the 721. nice box that never worked reliably. finally upgraded to 522s, not only was its hard drive larger but it just worked and was stable. then finally deciding to get 722K, and liking it so much I got a second:) and planning on dropping all phone lines decided to get a 3rd and final 722k, dedicating it to friends so they could use my slingbox. putting all on ethernet

then sadly the fee issue, but its been a fun ride.

was a dealer for awhile, attended the E6 launch as a VIP and met jim and charlie:) signed the launch banner. The day mike dugan called my home was thrilling. Mike Lehto a insider friend who cared for dbsforums issues. Harassing dan collins and winning that bet over the 500 dish upgrade for everyone. My friend and source 007 who was a great source and friend, and won that bet for me, he prepared the sl;ates for the chats:)

my leaking of mike dugans retirement a few days early:( Caused the E PR office much grief, and Bill R accusing me of insider stock price manipulation:(

My slamming E for piss poor software cost me most of my sources, but E DESERVED IT!

Its been a lot of fun!

Did you know uncle mike D grew up in indiana PA near pttsburgh?


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Aug 24, 2007
I've been with Dish since sometime in the mid-90s (not sure of the exact year — is there a way to look that up on the Dish site?). I bought a box at Ultimate Electronics in Des Moines that included a receiver and a dish, along with an installation kit that included an incredibly cheap compass. Did my own install. When I upgraded to HD a few years ago, the tech used my mount for the new dish.


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Sep 20, 2005
I've been an E* sub since 9/6/97. I don't post that much here, but I'm here lurking every single day...

I switched from D* so I could get the superstations (WSBK carried Star Trek Voyager). I think they had fewer than 100,000 subs when I signed up. I remember the first Charlie Chat I saw, thinking how campy and painful it was to watch. I guess some things never change!

My first receiver was the 5000, then I got a 7100 DishPlayer (I also upgraded the hard drive). To this day, I think the 7100 had the most polished user interface of any Dish receiver. It looked great, even though it was buggy. Speaking of being buggy, I paid $999 for the dreaded 921 receiver--talk about features that never materialized: FireWire support, internet browser, wireless keyboard. But I hung on until the 942 receiver came out. What a breath of fresh air compared to the 921! But then they announced future HD was going to be in mpeg4, which the 942 didn't support. Burned again!! Then the 622 until my HDMI port fell apart. I have a 722K now, which is great (except for the flakey remote). Looking forward to the 922 and a new user interface!

I'm a lifer with Dish now. The content on my external hard drives has locked me in.


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Oct 5, 2008
In a house
Memory row??? Damn I have had them since 1999 when directv pissed me off for canceling my service. The last owner of the condo, I bought in 1996 did not pay his service. They said that address, after 2 yrs of directv service should not be getting the signal. I was upgrading my boxes and paid $1,000 for 2 new boxes, they canceled MY SERVICE so I looked at dish. I have not had cable TV since 1996. I have it now cause I pay for DSL and it comes down the pipe so I watch it from time to time. PQ SUCKS compared to dish.


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Sep 8, 2003
Twin Cities, MN
A long time. AEP since the 510 came out around 2004, and bitching about DVR fees since then as well. Before that 2700 and a 4800... or whatever it's called. Still have them on a shelf in storage.


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Nov 15, 2003
1996 or 1997?
my first receiver was a 3000 and cost $300 installed my self (single lnb on a 18" dish) and had to subcribe to top 40 for (6 months ?)
then I got ala carte 10 channels for $10 (or $15 ?)


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Sep 8, 2003
Tampa/Eastern Ct
Can't remember exact date, but it was well before locals were being broadcast by satellite, somewhere around late 1996 to early 1997. I remember they launched their second satellite right around the time I subscribed. First Receiver I remember was a 2700. Have been a subscriber since.


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Sep 23, 2003
Spencerport, NY
I've been a Dish Sub continuously since April 1997, but I'm considering churning to DirecTV because of the new Equipment fees, as I have 5 receivers on my account with AEP, Center Ice, and Platinum HD. I self Installed with the Model 4000 (which I purchased for about $250) as my first receiver. I had one of the first 501's as well. I also self installed the Dish 500 upgrade, and my Wing dish (61.5) for HD.



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Oct 3, 2008
I have been a dish sub since March 1998. I did my own install with two 4500 receivers and an 18" dish with a dual lnb. When they came out with the dish 500 I installed that and added a 3700 receiver to the 18" dish. I'm still using the same setup and receivers today.


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Oct 11, 2003
I started receiving dish in October 1997 when we moved into our current home (which I built). Have been a happy customer since.:)


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Jan 2, 2009

A great Christmas present,boy it's been a long time with them

reason I known the exact date is the work order had a customer since label on it.

My grandparents have had echostar (know dish network)since week 1.

In fact they still use an echostar reciever.
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Kb Cool

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Oct 31, 2005
Mesa, AZ
A question to all long time subscribers. :)
Did DishSD always look like crap or did it gradually get worse as time went by? I'm trying to get an idea on what to expect the HD channels to look like in a few yrs.

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