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Nov 25, 2016
Ok here we go. I have just had Directv installed last week and replaced Time Warner Cable. Watching on demand is a big deal for me and a major selling point basically if I cannot get this working right it becomes useless. To start from the beginning the installer was not able to get my genie to connect wirelessly to my Netgear R6100 Dual band router. Everything was played with and tested and it was determind the he would just line it directly to my modem (btw every other device in my house connects perfectly fine, Rokus,laptops.phones). I knew something wasn't right at this point but I just went along. At that point we did test my connection speed via my laptop at 60 mps and basically every other device in my house; this was done all on wifi. After it was all installed (3hrs later) all seemed fine but it takes 24hrs or so for on demand to become fully availible. The next day trying to watch various shows I became very alarmed when almost nothign would play for more than a few minutes without stopping. Some downloads would sit all day without moving and the download indicator would turn yellow. So like anyone would do I spent hours seaching different do it your self fixes and I would say I pretty much tried everything from clearing the cache to changing ports around on my router. Well I called and they had a tech come out free of charge and he changed out my receiver. Lo and behold it connected to my wifi first try and I thought it was all good because I had to wait once again for the on demand to be availible. After I was able to try again I found the same exact issues. So I took it upon my self to reboot the receiver and do a manual update. After being able to try on demand again, same issues persist. I found I was no longer able to connect via wifi at all so I tried the ethernet again and was able to connect but of course very bad results with on demand. I tried opening upd port 1701 but am not sure I did it correctly because I heard this worked for some people. I don't want to call and go over all this over and over and I know its not my time warner internet because I have a good connection everywhere in my house on many things. One final thought, since I just signed up last week. If this doesn't ever work is there a way to get out of the contract because of some grace period or something? I need on demand to work consistantly. Also it works perfectly on my laptop connected to my tv through the web with very hight def. Please help.


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Dec 28, 2004
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Sorry to hear you are having troubles right out of the gate, that sucks. I'd suggest calling Directv again. It's up to them to make this work right. Normally there is no grace period per se, but this isn't a normal situation.


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Feb 6, 2007
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Interested in this. I can stream Netflix and Amazon ok, but Directv on-demand always takes overnight to get on the DVR. Never been able to watch without putting it on the DVR.

Please post the solution, when you get it.

Thanks, Eric


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Jul 14, 2005
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Interested in this. I can stream Netflix and Amazon ok, but Directv on-demand always takes overnight to get on the DVR. Never been able to watch without putting it on the DVR.

Please post the solution, when you get it.

Thanks, Eric
Normally, I don't have any issues with the On Demand, that said, I don't use it all that much.
I feel it's lacking vs other options.
For example, if I have Tv Show I want to watch from the beginning of the current season, normally, some episodes are there but not all.


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Apr 3, 2005
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If the wifi isn't working well on the receiver for on-demand, ask DirecTV to install a cinema connection kit.

It will add a DECA connected to your router, and then connects anywhere to the DirecTV coax network. This will make all receivers use on demand through a wired connection and should be more reliable.
Generally they charge for this, but honestly the second tech should have done it when he was there swapping the receiver for on-demand trouble.

The rep should give you a free cinema connection install given the trouble.


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Feb 14, 2015
it sounds like the first tech DID install a DECA, or at the very least has an ethernet cable from the router to the genie. while the latter isnt technicly supported, it should still work on ONE of the two HR54's he's had. at this point (and i know you dont want to hear this) try getting a different router. if it doesnt work return it though.

also, who is your internet service through? 50% of the time i had issues with AT&T internet.
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