Limit of remotes on HR54-700?


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Jan 14, 2017
Greenville SC
My wife and I sit on opposite sides of our den and have 2 paired RC73 remotes for our HR54-700 and Sony 65x900h (2020 model). When I bought my Sony television, I programmed its remote to control HR54 recording/playback/guide access/channel entry as well as the television.

Lazy me decided I'd like an additional Sony remote as well. I'm unable to pair it to the HR54; to add to my stupidity, the original Sony remote will not communicate with the HR54 any longer after ATTEMPTING to pair the new one.

When I go through Settings | Genie, I show 4 remotes paired. 3 appear (based on MAC addresses) to be RC73s; I have 2 of those. The 3rd ... ??? 1 has a distinctly different MAC address which I SUSPECT is the previously working Sony remote.

Two questions; is there a 4 paired remote limit? If so, is there a way to delete a position in the "table" without the remote communicating with the HR54? The menus seem to allow me to delete or unpair the one I'm using at that time.

That's a tough one... there is no control settings to manage/remove remotes that I've run into on the Genie software. You can factory reset the Directv remotes but I'm not sure how you would do that with the Sony. Depending on how many recordings you have that you would be disappointed to lose, the best option may be to totally reset your Genie receiver and start fresh with those Sony remotes first.
I don’t know if this will help but I have five RC73 remotes paired to my HR54. In addition to that, I also control it with a Harmony remote.

Update: Discovered that although I *thought* had five RC73s paired, it turned out that when the fifth one was paired, it un-paired one of the others. So, appears that four is the limit.
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I would like to know how to make the Sony TV remote control the HR54 ..... (as mentioned in the 1st post)
I'm the OP, and have been told that what I had is impossible. Several questions and replies have been deleted from this thread by a moderator, I suspect.

What I KNOW; I followed the TV (x900h) instructions when I bought the TV in the fall of 2021; it worked. I cannot reproduce.

The Sony remote is both RF and IR. I need to try again to see if turning OFF is IR; turning ON is. I proved this to myself by putting it into a black plastic bag and powering on didn't work, but another dozen functions I tried worked fine after taking it out and turning it on.

I have a sync'd remote shown on the Genie with an unknown MAC address. I've not looked inside the battery compartment to see if the MAC is given on any of the remotes.

Sorry, George