Ongoing Joey 4K issue with paused programming or jump back


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Jul 10, 2013
This has been an issue for a long time with the Joey 4K, and I assume it's just "normal":

Either pause the program briefly or skip back a bit so that the Joey is running just a few seconds behind live.

Eventually the picture will just freeze for a second or so and you will end up watching live TV.

This is regularly reproducible and has been the case for at least a few years now.

Anyone else?
Yes, it happens when I go back maybe 1 or 2 clicks then I might miss something when it freezes up and goes live. To prevent missing anything I go back more than 2 clicks usually 4-7 clicks then when I get to a commercial, FF to get back to live. Frustrating for sure.
It's not just the 4K Joey; it's also the Joey 3 and I would guess all Joey's. Could somebody with a Joey 4 test that? I'll bet it does it too. Drives me crazy.

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