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Jun 8, 2006
I currently have Dish 500 pointed toward 110 & 119 and wing dish pointed towards 61.5 in my roof to pick up Washington DC local HD channels. During last week snow storm I lost the signal from 61.5 . Today I did a test switch and was able to get a lock back on 61.5 . I am getting my local HD channels without any problem...but when I try the other HD channels I used to get from 61.5 the receiver is going to the satellite search mode ...

Called tech support and they could not help me

I subscribe to Absolute HD package

Any thoughts... suggestions?

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Dec 12, 2006
Central IL/SW FL/Big Island
Did they hit your receiver to reauthorize the channels? I think you can get this done via phone prompt as well by going through the tech support phone tree. If not call and ask for the receiver to be reauthorized. It is possible your antenna may have been knudged out of alignment.

Try disconnecting the sat cable coming into the receiver and then unplug the receiver. Let it sit for few minutes, then reattach the cable and plug it back in. That should reset the receiver to a default state. Is this the only receiver you have? If you have another, connect it to the sat cable for another receiver you have and see if it works then. If it does, the problem would likely be the cable or connections. If that doesn't solve the problem, you'll likely need a tech visit.
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