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Sep 17, 2004
Charleston wv
The orby lnbf feed appears to be elongated as vertical only. I assume because orby uses 13v vertical tps only. My biggest question is the curve of that dish optimized for vertical signals only or would it be possible to mount a normal lnbf on it and put it on an H to H actuator?

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May 23, 2013
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The increased horizontal axis of the reflector assists in rejecting adjacent satellite interference by tighter shaping of the primary beam lobe pattern. The entire surface area reflects both horizontal and vertical signals with similar gain. The height or width does not favor one polarity over the other. :)

Swapping the Orby LNBF to an off-the-shelf LNBF would likely result in a lower SNR. Corrado is correct that the Orby feed is optimized to properly illuminate the Orby dish's reflector shape.

No reason that the Orby dish couldn't be mounted on a HH motor. The surface area is a bit small for many satellites, but it would be acceptable gain for many transponders.
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