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Jan 28, 2008
OK guys, I am obviously new at the OTA thing and I need to get my locals in HD. The only way for me to do this at my home is OTA. I need to figure out which antenna is best for my situation.

I live around 48 miles from the local stations that I want to view in HD. When I go to AntennaWeb it shows the following: SEE ATTACHED

I am only concerned with getting the "Big 4" CBS, NBC, FOX, ABC. 3 of the ones I want to get are covered with the yellow UHF which would be fine to use the Winegard SS-2000 Winegard Direct.com - Winegard SS 2000 SquareShooter UHF Only Amplified Digital/Analog/HDTV Antenna (SS-2000) | Winegard [SS-2000] square shooter SS1000 Winegard Square SQS S1000 SS2000 S2000 amplified squareshooter but the NBC station requires the red uhf which according to the Winegard website, says I will need the HD7084P..Winegard Direct.com - Winegard HD 7084P High Defintion VHF/UHF/FM Antenna (HD7084P) | Winegard [HD-7084P] HD7084P HD 7084P HD7084 HD 7084 HD-7084P

Should I just make it simple and purchase the HD7084P or should I go with something dirrent all together?? Thanks in advacne for your helps guys!!
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Sep 9, 2003
With the exception of that PBS station---and perhaps the independent in Danville---- the CM 4228 would work well.

The 4228 is great UHF although it has a limited bandwidth---and a decent hi VHF as well. But the stations you care about are grouped together and are UHF.

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