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Oct 17, 2004
Southern indiana
I guess we can talk antennas to go with our dish.

I need an antenna for UHF digital but two stations are south but other is east.

What antennas are people using I dont want to use a rotor .


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What type of antenna you will need to pick up your OTA stations depends on a lot of factors. The distance between you and the broadcast antenna, the power level that is being broadcast (many DTV stations are broadcasting at low power levels) , any terrain, buildings, trees, etc. between you and the broadcast antenna, terrain, buildings, trees, etc in the vicinity of your house/apartment. You may want to visit the Antennaweb or CheckHD websites to see what type of antenna you are likely to need.

If conditions are right you may be able to use and multi-/omni-directional antenna to pick up the OTA stations both south and east of you.

If conditions aren't right and you need a directional antenna you would either need a rotor to aim your antenna at the station you want to watch or, alternately, you could use multiple antenna pointed at the different stations.

If you were to opt for the multiple antenna solution you may need additional hardware to combine the signals from the antennas without creating multi-path issues on one or more of your OTA channels.


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Jan 26, 2004
Here is what I wound up doing on OTA reception. Went to Antennaweb.org to locate my locals. Wound up buying an RCA power table top antenna at Walmart ($30, same one at CC was $65, go figure). Was able to pull in NBC, CBS, ABC, UPN, WB when oriented in their direction and FOX when oriented in its direction. That was a pain so I bought a second antenna to aim at FOX and then used a combiner from channelmaster that filter for fox channel number, to combine both signals for flawless reception on all channels.


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Mar 2, 2004
I understand you're a dish customer, but I want to take advantage of the forums we have set up in the HDTV section, so the discussion/help will be moved there :)

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