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Hugo M Garcia

SatelliteGuys Pro
Dec 12, 2006
Sun Valley CA
Need to find out what is going to happen to all portable TV set when all digital signal kick in 2009?
Any ideas of what people may need to get signal to this TV sets?
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Nov 10, 2006
go to http://www.DTV2009.gov

you may need to apply for a coupon to get a converter box if you use an antenna with an older tv that does not have digital tuner.

and also look at the thread that is labeled "which converter box to get?"


DVR Addict~Mad Scientist
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Mar 16, 2004
Satsuma, AL
Some of the converters have external power supplies and could be run from a car battery with an appropriate adapter. Makes the TV somewhat less, but still, portable.


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Jan 11, 2006
I think he meant the little hand held TVs that don't have any input jacks on them, just an antenna. Those things are destined for the trash can unfortunately.
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SatelliteGuys Pro
Apr 18, 2006
yep.. probably headed for a trash heap after February... Same for all those radios that can pick up tv unless they also pick up am/fm, which most do, luckily.... That is unless eventually whoever bought the spectrum will start making something similar to fm transmitters for radios but do it for tvs... something like that would be awesome in the right hands and annoying in the wrong hands... imagine some kid down the street sending pirate tv signals down the block like some do with pirate radio now.....


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Oct 19, 2004
Lubbock, Texas
I'm putting a digital antenna on my TV frequency radio so I can still hear TV after Feb 2009 :D.

Who needs a digital picture. :D


Supporting Founder
Supporting Founder
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Sep 9, 2003
You will still need a digital tuner for the sound, the antenna won't make a difference, or at least an old analog antenna should work the same....!
Or to say it another way there is no such thing as a digital or analog antenna. Just antennas that receive the right frequencies. But adding a new antenna won't allow an analog tuner to tune a digital signal.
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