OTA dual tuner channel guide


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Apr 23, 2018
I know when you install the OTA dual tuner on a Hopper 3 the local channels that the adapter scans will go into your Hopper 3 channel guide.
My question is this.
If you uninstall the OTA adapter, will the channel guide still show the locals that were installed into the channel by the OTA adapter?
Or will those OTA channels in the channel guide go away when uninstalling the OTA adapter?
I don’t think so. Even if they did you wouldn’t be able to watch an OTA channel because there is no tuner fir it.
The ota channels are saved to your receiver ,but when you have no ota tuner hooked up to it they drop from the guide. I know that because I added a brand new ota dual tuner dongle to my hopper 3 recently and I did it by unplugging the hopper and switching out the old single tuner for a dual ota tuner and it already had the ota channels in the guide when I plugged the hopper back in .

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