OTA HD locals with 2nd TV


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Oct 9, 2008
San Antonio, Texas
I have a 722. Is it possible to use an OTA antenna and somehow combine it with the 2nd TV in my bedroom so I can get my locals in HD? Would a splitter or a A/B switch located in the bedroom just before it enters the second TV work? For it to work, I know I would have to shunt between cable and antenna in the TV setup. Just curious.

Any solutions would be very welcome.

If you're using coax for tv2 you can use two splitters in reverse to combine the tv2 out and ota. Switching between inputs on the tv won't be necessary, just change the channel on the tv.
Here is a drawing I did a while back. Hope it helps.

View attachment comb ota.pdf
No. I'm certainly not losing a signal and I'm in a fringe area for some of my channels.. I set this up tonight and works great. I also found this thread on our forums to be really helpful.

The only change I had to do was to change the modulator from cable to air and set the modulator from ch 73 to ch 69.

Works like a charm.