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Jan 7, 2010
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OK, I am new to satellite so I apologize.

I has dish installed about a month ago to two TV’s. One line coming in the house goes directly to my living room and the other to my son’s room upstairs. I told the installers I would be adding an YV in my bedroom and they said no problem just split the signal. I called dish and asked what I needed to do this and they sent me a 1000 MHz splitter... I split the line going to my son’s room in the attic, installed the splitter and now have a line going to my son’s room and my room (each have a VIP211K). I get everything but HB. I called Dish back and to talk to and “level 2” tech, he said I would have to pay to have them come back out and re-install a new system but I should try installing a 3000Mhz splitter just to see if it works seeing I get everything but HD. What do I do?
I don't know what was said by whom, but the fact is you can not split a sat line. Each box must be cabled directly to the Dish/Switch.
Do you have one Dish or two? If just one, you would have a 1000.4 oval dish which has an lnbf that outputs 3 receivers. You could do it yourself, but unless you have experience with coax connections, etc, I would let an installer do it.
One dish and it is a 1k.4. Cable pull will be a real pain and if I knew then what I do know I would have pulled 2 to the addic.

Thank for your help.
Can you be specific on all the equipment you have and are all tv,s needing high def?

If all 3 tv,s need high def you will need 3 seperate lines from the LNBF for each reciever.

If even 1 tv will be standard def you can simply replace one of the recievers with a dual tuner that will work in 2 rooms.But only the room with the reciever will be high def.

Splitters only work with the coaxial output on the reciever and will only work as a mirror,not a seperate tuner.
I have no idea what "YV" and "HB" are, but here's the problem.

It sounds like the Dish people thought you were using the RF output from a receiver to send signal to your room, not to an additional receiver in your room.

The satellite signal from the dish to the receiver cannot be "split".

You must use a switch or some type.

Since you have a ViP211K I'll assume you have a 3 lnb dish on the roof or wherever, these dishes all have switches built in that will power 3 receivers.

Each receiver has to have its own home run line to the Dish.

To add a 3rd receiver to your setup you need to run a fresh RG-6 coax from your dish to the 3rd receiver in your room and restore the line to your sons room.

Hook up the new 211k and let it download software, call Dish and have it authorized, run a check switch on it and you're in business.
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