OTA Hicups

More info on disconnecting the coax. I had it not work once. Turns out I did not have the Hopper on when I did it, just the Joey. If I have both the Hopper and Joey tuned to the channel and then disconnect the coax and reconnect the problem goes away. In fact one time all I did was turn on the Hopper and tune to the channel and it was fixed.
My OTA is hosed now as well. It seems to be the same issue we had before. I can watch OTA programs on my Hopper 3, but live OTA on Joey's has hiccups. Recordings also suffer from those same hiccups.

Hopefully this is just a case of some code being inadvertently replaced with a previous version and will be a quick fix, but again it makes me wonder what kind of testing process these updates actually go through before being released.
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