OTA Recording w/ 921


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Sep 8, 2003
Lincoln Ne
I have a customer that wants to record OTA digital on the 921. Since the guide doesn't give the the program name and time how are you setting it up. Will it let you select the channel and then go in and edit the timer manually?

Thanks for all the help. My customer and I appreciate all the help you can give.

(Rev 147)
Yes, you can set up a manual timer. I've also gotten reasonable results setting up an event based on the dish provided 8000 local then editing the channel in the timer.

You have to be careful about timer conflicts. When you edit the channel your switching from Sat to OTA tuner and the conflict check is also problamatic.

There's also issues with weekly timers. You can't change the start early/end late defaults. If the end late default rolls into another (OTA) timer you will not get an error, and the 2nd event will not fire.

I set up my OTA event to end an extra 3 mins early, and then the 3 min pad fills it back in.

Another user reported that an OTA and SAT event set for the same time causes problems. Set up one to kick one minute before the other.

Next software rev is in Beta. My guess is we'll see it in another week or two (before they restart reshipping 921s). Hopefully some of these problems will be addressed.