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Nov 30, 2011
Pulling in KTWU (VHF-HI), KSNT (UHF) and WROB (UHF) from Topeka tonight; 104 miles from here.

As I write this, conditions are shifting right now and starting to pull in KQTV (VHF-HI) St. Joseph, MO; 106 miles, and getting signal from WOWT (UHF) in Omaha, 238 miles.

Haven't had this kind of action the past few months as temperatures have remained hot into the nighttime hours. Now that it's really starting to cool down, distant stations are coming in again.

All this with just my very basic RCA-ANT751 and TVPRAMP1Z connected to an HDHR3.

Amazing what you can receive OTA.


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Mar 16, 2004
San Francisco, CA
We get little, if any, skip here on the West Coast, but I've been able to occasionally pull in UHF station, KNVN, Chico, that transmits from the hills east of Red Bluff, ~175 miles away. One evening it was solid for more than two hours here in San Francisco!
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