WETA and MPT channel switch up in DC/MD

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  1. WETA got a technically challenging channel 14 assignment in the repack. Yesterday some major modifications were filed where WETA would go to 31, WMPT will go to 21, WFPT will go to 28, and WCPB will go to 16. So WETA and the MPT stations want to shuffle things to get WETA on a better channel. Could the WETA/MPT shuffle work?

    In the unable to construct channel resolution agreement WMJF is included; why are they part of it?

    Is RF16 available on the eastern shore for WCPB? The rules with the LM are confusing. Analog WMJF-CA used RF16 in Baltimore but that was a LP.

    Will WETA not using RF14 in DC leave it open for WIAV? Will they have an opportunity to file for it?

    31 is brilliant for WETA, then there is a 2 channel spacing between WETA (31), WHUT (33), and WPXW (35). The combiner for that for the shared antenna should be a lot easier to build than a 14/33/35 combiner.
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  3. Some pretty significant changes in power were applied for as well.
  4. Well, OP, your last paragraph explained why WETA didn't just go directly to 21.

    So I'll have a few rescans to do.
  5. Yes.

    Second paragraph: https://enterpriseefiling.fcc.gov/dataentry/api/download/attachment/25076f915e542abf015e82fce3d746c2


    Licensing and Management System


    - Trip
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