Pansat 2500a

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Jun 17, 2004
I have just got my Pansat 2500a and when I go to all the channels I get scrambled on all even the free ones can anyone help mazzoil :mad:
the scarmbled ones are going to be scrambled
The FTA ones should be in the clear

what are you trying to pick up?
When the scrambled banner comes up it means that the broadcast is being run through encryption equipment. It does not mean that it is going to be scrambled, it may or may not. Some uplinkers just run eveything on a bouquet through a scrabler and the have the ability to require a subscription to some channels. Shows can be encrypted, for example a sports feed that someone owns rights to, and when the show is over it becomes what we used to call "open key" where everyone gets it. Some channels seem to randomly scramble, i.e. the Chinese channels on IA5 and AMC4.
Please reply by conversation.

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