Parameters for Shaw direct dish in Hartford Area :

I was, however, trying to stick to all the parameters given above or in the dishpointer app and I see that teamwork is needed and that is what I did not have enough of.
This is why I noted in post #13 that the parameters aren't good enough (actually, the elevation and skew almost always are but the azimuth is just too hard to measure).

I usually set up my receiver near the dish but I also use a cheap meter to do the coarse tuning. As it was, you weren't able to do the coarse tuning, much less the fine tuning.

Is it ever going to stop raining where you are?
I am so frustrated with this I want to use the dish as a frisbee. I hooked it all up with meter and receiver up on the roof. I got no response on the meter at all. I then noticed water coming out of the LNB. Perfect..When I go back into the house the signal shows yellow and red so it is bouncing around. Perhaps that is due to the water? I downloaded the app indicated in the video and can see the satellite up there with my phone and point right at it but the bloody dish is not doing its job.
FINALLY, I HAVE THIS DISH SET CORRECTLY I am now able to get a clear signal. The skew should not be 30 but 120. I went to an updated Shaw sight and it said to add 90 degrees to what the online of 30 noted. My signal is now over 10db. There was water in the LNB so I did put a new one in but it was the polarity that was wrongly indicated.
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