Partial Signal, Signal Loss on 119


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Nov 15, 2011
Kingshill USVI
Greetings Dishlings,

About a week ago, I started getting Partial and Complete signal losses on many DISH channels coming from 119. 110 has been fine. I'm here in the US Virgin Islands, and 119 has never been strong, as it's pretty low to the horizon. But now this is getting annoying.

At first, we suspected trees getting in the way. They grow crazy here. But after wacking off many large limbs near the 119 line of sight, partial signal strength issues still plague numerous channels, ...sometimes when it is calm, and at times when the wind blows.

Had the DISH guy here, he's great. Equipment seems okay and well aligned.

I'm beginning to think incoming DISH satellite signals are not all equal on 119. Am I correct on that?
Are some of the transponders or signals or channels coming from the satellite stronger than others? For example, one Center Ice hockey game comes in fine, but the next channel up has Partial Signal loss. Or CNN comes in, but FoxNews doesn' times.

And is it possible that DISH is having signal strength problems? solar flares? aliens?

119 is my lifeline down here to NHL Center Ice, so please help a guy out.
Some transponders are stronger than others, but it really depends on your geographic location.

Are you specifically on the Western Arc (110, 119, 129 degree satellites, doubtful based on your location) or on the Eastern Arc (61.5, 72.7, and 77 degree satellites) or on some weird combination?
Update: Today I discovered by accident that of the channels giving me the Partial Signal screen error msg - that if i select the HD feed of that channel instead of the SD feed (even on my SD tv) , then the partial signal loss problem goes away. It's a workaround for now and only works for those channels where I have both an HD and SD option. Question: why would the SD channel be weaker?

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