Pay TV expected to lose more than a million subscribers in latest quarter

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  1. Pay TV expected to lose more than a million subscribers in latest quarter

    Cord-cutting and competition from new platforms expected to lead to more than 1 million sub losses in a first for the industry. Wells Fargo analyst Marci Ryvicker forecasts total pay-TV subscriber declines of 1.28 million in the second quarter.

    Analysts at Evercore, led by Vijay Jayant, agreed that second-quarter subscriber losses are expected to be higher than the roughly 800,000 subscribers lost in the first quarter and the 760,000 the industry lost during the second quarter a year ago. Jayant expects the industry to lose about 1.09 million subscribers.

    Jayant expects Charter Communications Inc. CHTR, +0.57% to suffer the brunt of the subscriber losses in the cable space, forecasting a loss of 145,000 subscribers. Comcast is expected to report a loss of 50,000 subscribers, he said. AT&T Inc.’s T, +0.36% TV offering is expected to lose 300,000 subscribers and Dish Network Corp. DISH, -0.67% to lose 370,000.
  3. No surprise here. The hemmoraging will continue.
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  4. If it weren't for a couple of news stations I watch, I'd probably drop DirecTV. I only have a higher package to get some more channels since I already have it. Same goes for SiriusXM and the couple stations I listen to like SiriusXM Patriot.
  5. DISH has only about 11 million satellite customers when you add the Sling Tv subs into that 13 million or so sub count. Back in the beginning of 2015 they had over 14 milion subs ,without any Sling tv subs added . Sling tv started January of that year. So I think we will continue to see sub counts plummet each year.
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