Periodic loss of transponders


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Sep 8, 2003
I am having some problem with loss of signal on the 119 bird. It is only for a second or two and shows a box on the screen that it is locating the transponder. I did a check today and it shows all of my signal strengths at 75-80 on all transponders. Is there something I can do to help solve this problem? At first I thought this was do to the yearly sun thing and it would go away in a short time, but it has lasted well over three months and always is on the sports I watch or movies I record off of the premium stations. Any help would be appreciated. Also, my signals off of the 110 bird range anywhere from low 90s to well ver 11o. Strange! Thanks, Mike
check your all yor RG6 connectors(at lnbs,switches, grounding blocks,splices ect) to see if they are clean & tight.
corroded connectors can cause intermittent loss
also make sure the dish has clear line of sight(no tree limbs,leaves, ect anything that could move in front of dish in wind))
and make sure dish is secure(doesn't wobble in the wind)
Thansk for the reply. I think it might be time to change out all of my cables. The ones I have are actually originals from the previous owner when he had Primestar! I really have had no problem in 7 years, but it might be time to run new stuff. Mike

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