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Apr 25, 2004
Hello Everyone
I have been following this forum for a few days and i have to say that this is a great place and you guys are doing a great job helping others.
Few days ago i decided to get the dish network programming and have been researching on it ever since. I've talked to the Dishnetwork ppl, radioshack, local vendors and searched the net including this forum and I am still confused :confused: .
I want to get the programming on the 121 sat and thats all i want. Dishnetwork and this forum tells me that i "NEED" the superdish for that. Two local vendors say that i could get by with the 500 and one 121 lnbf. One of them even said that i could get the pro with the 119 and 121 lnb. question is...who is right?

I guess you will need to know my location..... Kalamazoo, MI 49009

Thanks in advance.
The only way to get an installation from Dish Network for 121 programming is with a Superdish. This comes with the "Dish 500" LNBF's for 119 and 110 for normal programming. Dish does not have a 1 sat-dish for 121 yet.

On the other hand... there are ways to do it without Dish installing it.. lookup "Poor man's Superdish" in the search for the thread.

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