Phone Call to WION Turns into TV news story..

Discussion in 'WION' started by radio, Jul 23, 2018.

  1. radio

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    West Michigan's TV-8 did this story today about our decision to air only FEDERALLY REQUIRED ads for politics this year.

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  2. KE4EST

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    Very good read Jim! Smart move!
  3. Scott Greczkowski

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    I see this video all over facebook in the broadcasting groups.

    You might start a trend. :D
  4. radio

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    Hard Telling, Scott!
    Some people have called it "Censorship"...others think it's illegal (it is NOT as long as we accept all requests for Federal candidates)...
    Some people have been angry at me and lectured online to me about how it's wrong by the regulations...

    It really "blew up" in terms of it being a media spotlight, and WE Didn't ask for it.
    It literally was one phone call from the TV Station when they got wind of it through our online promo.

    Starting to slow down now....but still interesting to watch.
  5. Juan

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    Do you really think promoting voter apathy is a good idea?..Maybe you should allow the ads during a round table call in show with the could let listeners complain to the candidates why they hate their not allowing candidates to get name recognition all you are really doing is supporting the incumbants

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  6. radio

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    We're not promoting voter apathy. Rather the fact that our LOCAL clients DESERVE BETTER than to be sandwiched in-between arguing politicians. We're not taking ANY sides at all. We encourage voting actively as any regular listener will tell you around voting time.

    The part you may NOT know is that the biggest pain the a** to any media outlet is the rules that go with having these types of ads on the air. It's more than double the paperwork for less money than many of our regular advertisers pay (in most, but not all cases) due to FCC rules, then there's the before and after filing of the exact times they ran, uploading the files to the FCC which is new this year, and the fact that most agencies handling them don't have a clue! In a nut-shell, per our promo, we get asked to jump through more hoops for THEM than we do for the people that deserve to have the hoops jumped-through.

    It's a win-win for us. Listeners love us, we owe no politician anything and vice versa.
    It's also not new to us, it's a decision I have stood by for a long time.

    Our sister station runs differently. If they want to take politicals, more power to them. We'll only take the Federal spots which are mandated by the FCC with no regrets whatsoever.

    Oh, and did I mention the county clerk joins us ahead of each election to discuss the procedure of voting and what to expect on the ballots? A nice service for the station to offer.
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  7. Juan

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    By not taking sides..thats apathy..not caring about the election ..thats not a good thing to do in todays world

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  8. radio

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    You're entitled to your opinion, though you don't get the "programmer's" side of it or the responsibility that I have to keep this
    station viable to the people who PAY for it to be here year round and to listeners who tire of politics.

    No politicians deserve extra treatment and that's what the rules of the FCC have handed down if we take them on the air. If you were an advertiser that had to be constantly heard adjacent to political ads, you would not feel you were treated well. I PROTECT the people who make sure I'm in business as a local resource YEAR ROUND and year after year. Why should politicians be entitled to buy from certain media for the same price ONE TIME as people who buy in bulk year round? That's not fair, period! We have to take Federal candidates. We do, if they ask. Can't change that. So be it. I'd prefer listeners do their own homework and educate themselves by their own research, not vote because candidate X has more money to spend than Candidate Y. It's the voters' responsibility to be educated before voting, which should NOT depend on advertising.

    The media expert interviewed in the piece TV-8 did on us nailed it: BIG media companies can't afford to make the decision we did. They're leveraged too much. Sucks to be them. We remain proud to be serving listeners and advertisers that are here for us every day, not every few years.
  9. Juan

    Juan Supporting Founder Supporting Founder

    Thats very true...i didnt think of it that way

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