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Aug 27, 2011
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Hello everyone. I am new to this Forum, but I 've been reading a lot of it by trying to research my question on the internet. I brought from Venezuela, from an active account a Directv receiver with the proper Venezuelan local LNB. My goal is to have the Venezuelan Directv programming at home in New Orleans. As a matter of fact, I have some friends in the Houston, TX and Florida area that were able to get the Galaxy 3C satellite signal with the regular round 18" round Dish from Directv (I understand this is the required satellite for Directv Latinamerica on the 95W). As mentioned before, I live in the New Orleans, LA area, and even though it is also in a southern state, I am not quite sure, if I am able to also get the signal from here with the same set up. A local tech installed me an ellipse shaped satellite dish (the one used for directv world international),with my Venezuelan LNB and receiver, but it didn't work, as it didn't get any signal strength. I have heard that I MUST use a round dish of at least 1.2 m (4ft) to be able to pick the signal. I have read a lot about this Satellite footprint, beams, transponders, proper elevation, azimuth, bigger dish, etc, etc, but the bottom line is: Does anyone know from a friend or yourself, that have been able to complete or have any experience with this set up nearby the Louisiana area? By knowing this, at least gives me a hope. Furthermore, are you aware of the required set up for it. Minimum satellite dish size, Does it has to be a Directv dish or can I use a different bigger round dish in the market? Your help is MUCH appreciated. thanks!!!! :)


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Sep 27, 2007
It is not going to work. The galaxy 3c has two different beams, one for North America and one for Latin America. While some of the channels may be duplicated, you would need to subscribe to appropriate north America package to receive. You can find coverage maps for DirecTV's Latin America at www.kvh.com/satellite-coverage-maps/satellite-coverage-maps
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