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Oct 3, 2003
Has anyone with a Superdish viewed the new locals on 105. I've heard mixed reviews about the quality of the images of locals E* carries on 119/110. Most seem to say that Dish compresses locals much more than their standard channels. I'm wondering if the PQ on the 105 locals is similar/better/or worse than locals on the other satellites. My Superdish with Baltimore locals is scheduled to be installed early December. I've had several dishnet distant network channels for several years (my address only qualifies for ABC and CBS) and the image quality of these stations from New York and LA has been fine. I'm wondering if I'll be disappointed with the picture quality of the Baltimore locals in comparison.

- Paul
I have the Washington DC locals. They look just fine on my 27" TV, Its just the 42" plasma that it begins to get a case of the fuzzies. I'm sure with even larger screens it will become more evident.
PQ on my 48" JVC Widescreen is worse than on my 27". My Xbox and DVD's look much better though.
Had my locals turned on last night, compared to what I was getting with OTA it looks good.

I find this impossible to believe .
I find this impossible to believe.
If you lived in a 'fringe' area that barely could receive OTA I could believe it. Not everyone gets a good OTA signal.
Amen Video! Amen!

BTW, does Echostar take suggestions as to cities to look into, or do they just pick the ones they want to?!

~Alan<~~~~~~~Who is still trying to figure out whether or not to switch to Dish for a year or stay with (Pegasus) DirecTV...
My Madison locals aren't bad. I should consider myself lucky, I guess, after the horror stories I read. At worst, the quality is down only a little from the other channels. I'm satisfied with the reception.

I get a signal of 52 on 105. The others are down slightly but still plenty good. For what it's worth, it was very cloudy here today.

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