Pilots not to use autopilot on landings near 5G towers.

From the article: "The FAA believes the expansion of 5G and aviation will safely co-exist."

Obviously not if they are requiring current flight procedures to be modified and new radar altimeter systems resistant to 5G interference must be manufactured now. Did nobody research these things before they let 5G move forward?! :mad:
This is for the c- band frequencies being converted to cellular...i guess the satellite uplink stations never interferred or there were 2 few of them to matter
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Tell me again, Official United States Government Agency- I don’t need a missile or bomb. All I need to bring down an airliner is…..
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Take the mask off your two year old, and refuse to put it back on? HA!
Good. Maybe they'll not be able to implement 5G on C-band frequencies after all.

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