Pink Screen of Death?


Mar 27, 2012
South Florida
We just had our Hopper and 2 Joeys installed last Sunday. Everything went fine
but that Monday evening right in the middle of watching something that was recorded
from PTAT, the Hopper froze up tighter than a drum as if someone had hit the pause
button. Everything turned bright pink on the screen and nothing we did seemed to
help. The unit wouldn't accept any commands at all. After about 5 minutes or so,
the box just rebooted on its own, reaquired the signal and started working fine.
It just happened again yesterday, right in the middle of the day. The Hopper just froze for about 5 minutes or so then just rebooted. It reminded me of the blue screen of death on a PC. How prevlent is this issue, and is it a hardware issue, or a
software issue? I was concerned that the unit might have been overheating but this
shouldn't be the case because it is in a cabinet with nothing on top of it and with
plenty of room with ventilation from the back and from underneath.
If it's a known hardware issue, I would try pushing for a new unit. What do you folks
think? I've had the unit less than a week so I'd like to get this resolved while it's still considered a new installation. If it's a known bug in the software, then I guess I'd just have to wait for a fix in a future update, but if you folks think it's a hardware issue, I want to get it taken care of while I still can. Appreciate any suggestions or perhaps some advice from one of the DIRTS.




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Dec 22, 2010
Northern California
Not normal, contacting the DISH Internet Response Team (DIRT) who work here,or calling dish immediately after an occurrence like that is what I would do. Waiting and then having it happen again just fuels frustration, get a new unit.


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I've had about a half-dozen or so lockups on my Hopper, including the Purple Death once. But, as soon as I ordered a replacement Hopper, it hasn't happened again. (It must have heard me ordering it on the phone, and gotten scared.)


Mar 27, 2012
South Florida
Not sure but I don't think it's the same thing although similar. At first I thought it was an HDMI issue as well but changing the receiver to different inputs didn't fix the issue. Basically, what ever it was, the Hopper decided on its own to just reboot at which point we have to sit around waiting for it to reaquire the Sat. signals. I think I'm not going to mess with it and just have them order me a new Hopper as this just doesn't seem like a software issue to me but more like a component going out of wack or over heating and causing the box to reboot.

Thanks for your replies.


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Mar 22, 2008
Just FYI - I now how the 207 software, and haven't experienced the pink screen since. Almost two days! It was more than 50% of the time turning on the Hopper...


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May 1, 2012
Im a tech in the midwest, anyone who is still experiencing the "pink-screen" you will need software version 209. DISH is only releasing it in "selectivly" in groups so you may have to wait, but shouldn't be too long. Switching to component in the meantime works.

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