Plans for Echostar 5 (129) ?


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Oct 23, 2006
As I understand it, the satellite at 129 (Echostar 5) has mechanical stabilization problems requiring them to use maneuvering motors to hold station, resulting in limited lifetime (runs out of fuel) and poor station keeping (varying signal at edges of beam). It also appears to have electrical problems with its amplifier tubes, ans appears to be running lower power to compensate.

Given this, anyone know if/when Dish plan to replace it?

Funding the hacks of adding extra (large) dishes must be costing them money (as well as reputation).
Not for sure but maybe the new bird they have going up in 07 will hepl out things. But right now I'm not for sure what they are going to do will half to waite and see. :)
When is the bird in 07 scheduled to go up? Also, I'm assuming we don't know where they are going to put it right?
Echostar-11 or Echostar XI or E-11 is the next satellite scheduled for launch. According to Lyngsat, it is suppose to be launched in March of 2007 by Sea Launch on a Zenit vehicle. Here is the Lyngsat website address for launches:

There have been rumors that E-11 has steerable spotbeam capability and that it will initially be launched to the 129 W location to augment/replace E-5 until the Ciel-2 satellite is launched in late 2008. Ciel is the Canadian company that is tied to SES Americom and has the deal with Dish and the Canadian government for use of the 129 W slot. After Ciel-2 is in place, E-11 then would be moved elsewhere probably to 119 W to augment/replace E-7.
Yeah, if it goes to 129 that would be great. Obviously a new satellite should not have the problems with moving around (which would solve most of the problem), but can we also expect a stronger signal than from the bird that is up there now?
Yeah either way it should be a improvement considering what they have up there now.. :)
So those that need 129 will get a new satellite in 2007 then replaced with another new one in 2008? Sweet, sure a big difference from getting some of the crappiest stuff they have up there right now.
Cheers, be glad there is anything or you would have to go back to cable. For me that would be no hd, crappy pq and channels going off the air.

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