Plans for the next projects.

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Aug 9, 2015
Trumann, AR
Just got a bitx 40 ordered and already have the TFT VFO board, but I don't think I will have much time to work on it in the near future. After trying to work some DX on 40 CW with 15 watts, I have been thinking about the homebrew 4-811a amp out in the shed. It was good for 600 watts out with enough drive....500watts LOL! I may need to drag it out, dust it off, and see what needs to be fixed on it and see what the output is with 15 watts drive. Got "The Book" laying here by the easy chair, and it needs reading and studying.

I did keep increasing the voltage to the irf510 amp and at 30 volts, and 20 watts by my "suspect" power meter, it took up smoking. I did have spares, so I got that replaced and backed the voltage down to 27 volts and the power was 15 watts. My new saying is "You really don't know until you make it blow". I did have a good heat sink and also a fan running, so don't think heat was an issue. One if the mosfets failed almost immediately on key down.

Did I mention, I'm going back to work on Monday. The fish have been calling my name. I haven't been in a couple months and am going through with drawls to the point that I did ease out and uncover the fishing rig today.

I need to be retired, and rich. I'm not sure I would have enough time and money for all these projects even then.
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