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Apr 8, 2017
Cornville, Maine
I am stumped. It doesn't take much. I just got a new Hopper 3 and I was thrilled to see a Home Media app. I have oodles of PlayOn files on my PC and some of them show the preview pic, and some show only the name of the show with a blank where the pic should be.

Almost all of the shows I click on will produce error 1252 "This file cannot be played." The weird thing is that I have found a couple that do work. I compared those that do work with those that do not and found that they are both MP4 files with no discernible (at least to me) difference.

What am I missing? All of the files play through my Roku just fine. I started reading threads about codecs and got totally confused. I'm a newb with Home Media, so any help would be great. Thanks!


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Jun 1, 2009
Maryville, MO
My Hopper 3 and Joeys (one 2 and one wireless) see my Plex server but when I start playback and get a thumbnail sized image in the upper right hand corner (like when you are in the guide) and the rest of the screen is black. Very frustrating!

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