PLEA: 921 users with 105 locals


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Jan 2, 2004
Just got of the phone with Dish "advanced" tech and they requested that as many 921 users as possible having trouble locking 105 give them a call. They want to see how many units are having trouble to see if it is a legit bug.

There appears to be a bug in the 921 that is keeping it from locking onto 105. I am on my 2nd 921 and it has the same problem as the first. My locals are on 105 so Justin at Mainstreet set me up with a SuperDish that hits 119, 110 and 105. I have 2 301 receivers that lock on 105 no problem. However, neither one of my 921 units would register any signal strength at all. Justin was on the phone with them for a long time the day of the install. They determined it was a "bad" unit and sent a replacement. The replacement has the exact same problem.

So please give Dish a call if you have a dish pointed at 105 and are unable to get a lock on it. Maybe they will be able to collect enough info from all of us to figure out a fix.
I have the same problem.

It can find 105 on the checkswitch, however when I tune to Channel 7000 I am told UNKNOWN SATELLITE on the display.
Scott, exact symptoms as both of my units. Would you mind giving advanced tech a call and reporting it? I was told without several of us calling it won't make the known issue list.

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