Please Dish Network make up your mind.


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Sep 28, 2003
I have been with Dish Network for awhile now. I started with a 119 dish. Next I needed a 61.5 dish to receive the NASA channel. Then I put up a dish when E*4 went to 110 along with a Switch 64. Next I need a dish for my local at 148. So I move twenty miles with the Dish mover program and leave my three dish setup behind. After I have moved I am told I need a Dish 500 & 300 setup for HDTV. Next I watch the Charlie chat. Charlie says I need a Superdish for the HDTV 105 slot. So like a loyal Dish Network customer I get already to install a Superdish for HDTV and leave the Dish 500 & 300 for my 5000 receiver. Now things have changed again. Do loyal DirecTV and cable customers have problems like this? Please Dish Network pick a spot in the sky and stay put.
"Do loyal DirecTV and cable customers have problems like this? Please Dish Network pick a spot in the sky and stay put."

Well, I wouldn't say I'm loyal, more like a double agent. I have both Dish and DirecTV. Limited cable too.

Problems with DirecTV too only different.
1. They fried my DTC-100 to death with an aborted firmware upgrade. I had to threat suit to get them to pay for it and finally won and received an 18 month credit for service in a pre court decision.
2. They totally butchered the DD5.1 audio on HDNet for 18 months and refused to allow Dolby to help them fix it.
3. They lied about adding Showtime HD stating they were in negotiations for over two and a half years before finally offering it. Showtime said they weren't negotiating at all. Dish had it from Day one! Same deal with Discovery HD Theater.

Point is grass is only greener on the other side of the hill because they add more fertilizer!

Cable???? What can I say that isn't already well known. It is inconsistent and every location has it's own issues. I mean every house and subscriber location. Beyond that it is expensive per channel. I have cable too. I'm a cable TV program producer. I see more good and bad of the side of cable most don't as just subscribers.

There isn't one better solution but I believe, for HDTV, Dish is and has been my best choice for the past 3 years. For PPV SD it has been DirecTV. and for SD TV programming DirecTV seems to have better PQ while Dish has better consistent PQ on HDTV channels.
Then there is VOOM, new kid on the block. Based on their prospectus of offerings, I won't seriously consider it until about a year from now. Let's see how they do with the early adopters and the promises they made.
Thanks Don. Hopefully Dish Network will stick to the Superdish promise of 50 HDTV channels. I was really looking forward to Starz HD and Cinemax HD.
Just like they call a Dish500 because of the 500 channel capability but you dont expect any one person to receiver 500 channels themselves anytime soon.
justalurker said:
Stargazer said:
Did they really promise 50 HDTV channels or just say that they were capable of receiving 50 HDTV channels?
Capable. There is a distinct lack of content to overcome.


Yes, Dish has been bragging about 50 HD capacity. As far as distinct lack of content, I have to disagree. While there aren't 50 channels, there are four available now or by the end of the year that anyone who claims to be an HD leader should have up as soon as they become available. Those are Bravo HD, Cinemax HD, The Movie Channel HD, and Starz HD. If Dish can't get these up, with NO additional compression, as soon as available, Dish is hardly an HD leader and has no right to brag about being such. I don't see how it could be any simpler. Dish is all about PR which turns out to be misrepresentations and perhaps downright deceit.
Jeffdbs said:
IDo loyal DirecTV and cable customers have problems like this? Please Dish Network pick a spot in the sky and stay put.
I am not a D* customer but have been interested in subscribing to that service for a long time. At the very begining they had a dish with a single LNB. They added more channels and customers needed to upgrade to a two LNB dish. Then they started adding HDTV channels, and to receive those you needed to a a third LNB to your two LNB dish. Then they had troubles with that, so they recommended that customers upgrade to a phase three 3 LNB dish.

Also, it is not for certain whether Voom will be able to remain on 61.5 or even on a single Satellite for the indefinite (or even near future).

So the point is that if you want to go with a purchased DBS system, you have to be flexible and follow the provider's game of musical transponder. That seems to be a cost of doing business with a DBS provider.
It certainly is a disconcerting state of affairs where voom is currently the HD leader in quantity. if not in quality, of programming. Most of the voom pioneers are also reporting superior PQ. ....And voom is still in a pseudo beta state until March.
At this point I'd be somewhat pleased if E* could at least get their supposed 'enhanced' programming up!
time to fire charlie

here is a ceo that makes lots of mistakes and nothing happen to him.

first he spend 1 years trying to buy direct tv just to pay lots of money for nothing and in the same year we retailers suffered for the lack of new promos . that was the year of 2nd receiver for Free .

them he can not put together the new receivers Hd in time for holidays,
now is the super dish another huge mistake since day one.
that is too big and they don't have good engineering to put togheter something that direct tv have it for years . 3 satellite at the same time .

how come the stock holders don't demand for his head ? stocks are on down side again after company arrogance lost its mark . arrogance?
remember when you make a little mistakes on your paper work ?

what happen ? charge backs or no payment? we pay all the time for his mistakes . oops I forgot about Lorel
another lost for the dish.

how you come up with a New satellite that does not work all over the country and he wants to push that ?

how he come up with this 322 and its for Free unless the customer don't want to connect phone line ?

those are charlie failures Cable is putting their house in place and very soon we will see a battle but Charlie is not ready for that he is only trying to get our money. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
Dish is by far not the HD leader at this time. There is cable, Voom, and DirecTv to tend with here and this new decision with putting all new HD content to 110 sure will not help things, unless they come up with a miracle putting up those 50 HD channels. Now if they get some good content they wont need 50 HD channels (of junk), its about quality, not quantity, if they get enough decent channels up that are popular.

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