PLEASE READ! Petition for DirecTV to add Home Media option to Directivos

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Jan 2, 2004
Subscribers to DirecTV with Tivo service have wanted HMO (Home Media Option) since it came it. I know I have. I found this petition over at to try to make DirecTV to offer this option on it's combo units. As I sit here today writing this over 8270 [updated 2/15/04] people have signed it. Please sign the form, even if you don't subscribe to DirecTV with Tivo service. Thank you in advance! check out the Tivo coffee house forum over a to see the full post by the inventor of this petition. visit the link below to sign the form! click here to sign now!
want to know what HMO option is? click here to see what HMO could do for you!
Lastly, a big thank you goes out to Robert Williams and the fellow writers of the petition at the Tivo community! :yes
Some may not know what HMO is?

It lets you transfer and view MP3s and Pictures and stream recorded TV to other Tivos in the house. It networks all Direct Tivos.

Currently the SD Tivos can do this, not the Direct TV Tivos.
There is no hardware limitation, its just OS 4.0 is not installed yet.

Is this correct?
Signature No. 7871! I understand D*'s concern about possible legal issues but this would sure take the pain out of setting up multiple recording on different Tivos (and encoding/scrambling should eliminate the legal worries). 90% of the recordings on my 2 Tivos are the same! Networking would eliminate this problem. Of course, I would also have an excuse to upgrade to 801.1g because b isn't fast enough. Hmmm...
beejaycee said:
Of course, I would also have an excuse to upgrade to 801.1g because b isn't fast enough. Hmmm...

Took a quick look at Tivo's Home Media option FAQ and it appears that it only supports 802.11B not G.
I have signed the petition a while back but keep in mind that you should contact DirecTv directly as well as that will make more of an impact.
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