Pole mount pole size?

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May 10, 2004
My neighborhood assoc. requires that I mount my soon to be installed DirectTV (triple LNB) on a pole.

So, what size pole should I pick-up from the local hardware store (1", 1 1/2", 2"...)?
Or should I just sink a 4x4 into the ground?

Or should I just sink a 4x4 into the ground with some concrete?

What is a better platform for mounting the 18"x20" dish?
I have my phase-3 dish on one of my 4x4 fence posts. It holds up quite well.
If the installer is SBCA certified he has been told NOT to install on any wood poles, as through time the pole will move/bend/twist.... Best to do it right using a 1 11/16" or 1 5/8" steel pole, the Phase three comes with a round bubble level and this is the same size, it is VERY important with the Phase III to get the pole bang on plumb, so I would wait until the installer breaks open the dish box and use the bubble level and some quick cement, you will save a lot of heartbreak if you do it right first time, I actually off set the level to take into account the weight of the PhaseIII dish as it can pull you off Plumb! Good Luck!
If they aren't supposed to be installing these on 4x4 fence posts then the installers here have been going against that. If I had known this I would have had it mounted on a metal pole.
Plumbed and installed on the metal pole is good but don't have to be. What your home owner association doing is illegal too. Read the FCC guide lines and have them pay for the pole.

You guys do everything by the book or what!?, Don't install dish on 4x4.. geez!
I really don't see the problem with it mounted on a 4X4 wooden post. We've have 60-70 MPH gusts during some nasty storms and not once did the post bend or crack.

I live in a HOA unfortunately and they know that the FCC's law supercedes the bylaws. I can mount it on my house if I wanted to, but only if I can't get LOS any place else.
You will not see the problem until a few seasons down the road, and you dont see the problem because you never paid to sit in a SBCA class for eight hours (then passed online test), and the trainer telling you not to mount on wood posts or you will be back charged, SBCA,s guide lines say a wood post IS NOT AN APPROVED MOUNTING SURFACE, seems the installers in your area are not SBCA 1+2 certified...shame, pretty soon they will nor be getting much work! The Problem is wood bends,warps and twists over the years, the only time it is permitted is where the post is attached top and bottom (like on a deck) And yes we guys do everything by the book, we call it .........SBCA certified 1+2, if a DirecTV installer installs in this fashion they could be backcharged if a HSP inspector comes across it For your info, I do not make the rules I just follow them to the letter! Plumbed and on a metal pole is a MUST for a Phase III dish, (IMO) as it REALLY helps get a great signal on all three satellites, all you need to do is read the manual that comes with the dish, maybe thats your installers problem!
It would be VERY easy for me or any installer to mount a dish on any surface a customer wants, but SBCA certified installers dont install on wood posts because we want the customer to have YEARS of uninterrupted TV, and we dont want to have to go back every few seasons, it cuts down on service calls, OK now lets hear all the hack installers tell us why they throw satellite dish on any surface, or the guy from a few weeks ago that wanted to race me on an install : ) I am not the quickest installer in the world, just one of the best! If anyone tells you any of the above ask to see their SBCA 1+2 card or license, I carry mine in my truck at all times!
The installers here are High Power Tech and Kentuckiana Satellite. They both had no problem of putting DISH and when I switched over to Directv, on my fence. I did not know this about installs.
Well now everyone knows its not an SBCA approved surface, its about time everyone knew what is expected of an installer, and how a lot of customers are being short changed on installs, where I come from if you short change someone you could end up with a VERY sore face, or at the very least they would NEVER return to your business or shop, so I take exception to being ripped off. And in my opinion if your installer is not SBCA 1+2 (2 is for multi dish installs like PhaseIII/Dish 500...)certified, VoOM certified and licensed if needed in your state and if they do not ground each and every system to local and NEC code, you have been shortchanged, bamboozled, had, conned, taken for a mug, the urine has been extracted...... You get the message.
ZAW is probably just one of the hacks in my area cutting my throught on install prices.

A galvanized fence post 1 5/8 od is available at most home depot or fencing suppliers for around 8 bucks.
Thanks for all the info. Never knew that such an "simple" question could generate such a rich conversation. Shows the power of the Internet.
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