Poll: Was L363 a screw-up to your 622?

Dis your 622 get screwed up by L363

  • Yes, it got screwed up

    Votes: 127 53.4%
  • It performs the same

    Votes: 82 34.5%
  • No it's better than before

    Votes: 29 12.2%

  • Total voters
Mine froze up and rebooted itself twice today. If I watch something recorded a while ago the audio is out of synch. It won't let me delete some OTA channels I don't want to be shown in the guide. Lots of blocking and freeze ups on my locals from the Sat. Screwed up my box pretty good.
I don't understand why it is so hard to make an electronic device, that just does what it is supposed to. It seems like DVR's in general are the worst devices out there. Other devices have electronic components too, but they never fail that often. A PC for example runs similar with a dedicated software, but from my experience I had less trouble with my PC, than I had with my 622. Even though I built my PC from all kinds of different components myself. The only times I had trouble with it, was either a virus, or human error. I had some power supplies dying, but I think it was electric current fluctuations.
Butchered mine, also. Audio dropouts and pixalization on LIL's. This box, my 3rd, had been a dream until now. Leave it to E* to screw it up.
Say what bro?

So as of this post there are 20 Dish 622 users (more than 50% of current respondents) that have NOT lost sound output since the L3.63 upgrade ????

If so, could they please post their sound hook up and settings? Some us had gotten spoiled over the years and prefer takies ;)

Talon Dancer
As long as I don't hit delete after watching a dvr'd event... it works as good as it did before... so I don't know how to vote I guess it messed up one thing (which can be a showstopper as soon as you hit delete, but if you start another program or cancel out you can go back to the menu and delete just fine)
Recovered OTA recordings

Since 363 all my OTA recordings say recovered , that the DVR event has experienced data corruption and has been recovered.

They playback fine, and this only shows up on OTA recordings, anything recorded from dish is fine.
Tom Bombadil said:
It sure makes one wonder why it works fine on about 50% and causes problems on the other 50%.

Yeah, doesn't it. But my sound problems have been REALLY minor compared with the reports on the board...
I posted this before so if you have read this elsewhere you can ignore it. But here goes again. I had the same problems you all did and I fixed mine the first day of the software update by doing the following:

1. Run a switch check to clear the matrix by unplugging the sat cables to the receiver.
2. Unplug the receiver for 1 minute and then replug it in.
3. Run another check switch with the sat cables plugged back in.

This has fixed my problems . I am now on day three with none of the symptoms of video freezes, audio drop outs, or spontaneous reboots that I suffered the first day of the update. I have to conclude that this did fix my receiver. I suggest that all try this and see if it works for ya'll.
Still experiencing audio drop out whereas I NEVER had to reboot in the several months I have had the receiver.:mad: :mad:
Probably since latest s/w release, having to reboot a few times a day to get audio back. Is it worth
calling E* to get this resolved? I have occasionally gotten only red/green messed up video on HDMI. Switching to another video input and then switching back seemed to clear up video messing up. Is this E*'s problem?
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